About The Modest Leader

The Goal of the Modest Leader

The Modest Leader hopes to open and expand the common view of what it means to be a Leader and what qualifies as Leadership. We all should embrace the Leader within ourselves. In 20+ years in corporate society, I have come to realize that many people believe the word Leader is synonymous with certain titles, positions, or roles. We often define Leadership as the behavior exhibited by those individuals ordained into such titles, positions, and roles.

The majority of individuals in the workforce are not in a conventional Leadership role (manager, team lead, supervisor, executive, etc.). We often do not see ourselves as Leaders or as having the ability to influence and impact others unless we are in one of these roles or fit a certain image. The reality is that we ALL are Leaders, regardless of any prescribed label or acceptance of that characterization. And our daily behavior, our Leadership, whether deliberate or unintentional, can influence positively or negatively the potential in every person we contact.

Given that most of us do not wear a Leadership title, it is the individual contributor who has the greatest opportunity to influence and impact others. The Majority…is on the side of the individual contributor. Group Influence…is on the side of the individual contributor. Frequency of Interaction…is on the side of the individual contributor. Sphere of Influence…is on the side of the individual contributor. If you are not in a Leadership role, do not underestimate your influence!

Leadership is More Than a Title

In its simplest form, a Leader is any person with the ability to influence others. This definition applies to us all, regardless of our occupation. Leadership is behavior, character, and attitude. This qualifies us all to be Leaders and to demonstrate Leadership regardless of our situation in life. Every one of us is a Leader, including you and me! Yes, you are a Leader. We cannot escape it. Let’s embrace it, make the most of it, and be a positive influence on those around us every day.

Leader and Leadership should not be defined solely by a position, title, or role. It is not a hierarchy. These merely are classifications of relationships within a social or professional structure. These roles are important, and filling them with great leaders is critical, but it is not the role that makes the leader. It is the leader that makes the role.