The Modest Leader

  • Embrace The Leader in You

  • Find the Beauty in our Differences

  • Only Open Space and Opportunity Lie Ahead

Titles, roles, and positions do not make us Leaders. Our behavior, character and attitude do.

Every action you take has the potential to inspire or discourage others, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a senior employee or a new hire, a CEO or an individual contributor. You are a Leader, and your Leadership is on display. Let your Leadership be a Positive Influence.

About the Author


Hello! My name is Adam Salter, and I am the founder of The Modest Leader. I have been a team member and Leader in various roles across multiple industries over the past 20+ years. Throughout my career I have been very fortunate to work with and for some amazing Leaders. I have also worked in environments completely lacking in quality Leaders. In every situation I have gained valuable experience, learned a lot about Leadership and am very passionate about sharing what I have learned. A Leader is not just a role, position, or title. It is not just the person you work for. It is the person to your left and right, the person you work for AND the person who works for you. It is the President of the company and the building Custodian. We all are Leaders, and we all have the responsibility to positively Lead.